Chai Richard suggests its excellent table d'hôtes, and charming guesthouse in Pomerols in Hérault (34).

Backed with my interest in cuisine, my love of receiving and my festive spirit, I decided to try the adventure of a guesthouse. So I left Savoy and settled down in Vaucluse for a first successful experience that lasted 5 years. Meeting Doreen then led me to Hérault, where we acquired this residence in Pomérols in order to continue my passion. I'm always glad to see some of my old guests again who, as the years pass, have become friends, and I can't wait to make new acquaintances.


I"m from Mauritius and have always been in a multicultural environment. I am delighted to be a part of Richard's project. I also like to cook and share experiences with people from different backgrounds. This is most certainly a new adventure that is beginning for me!


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